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If you are looking for a quality reading that will give you the answers you've been seeking, as a customer myself, I highly encourage you to please consider Quintessence Medium Services. Robert is a truly remarkable and gifted psychic but even more impressive than his amazing abilities is the fact that he truly cares about his clients and offers the information he sees with a kind, non-judgmental and understanding heart. He recently conducted a 30 minute reading for me, going above and beyond to help me find the answers I was looking for and no doubt has saved me a lot of needless stress and pain in my future by helping me to see vulnerabilities that I need to watch out for. Furthermore, I had him look into a past life and was blown away by the results and amount of detail he picked up which helped me understand the reasons behind some of my current goals and aspirations in this life and why they are so important to me. I have consulted with a couple of other psychics before, but Robert is truly the real deal and has provided me, by far, the best and most detailed reading I've ever received. If you have any doubts, all I can say is that if you do give him a chance, you will not be disappointed with his results! ~ Mike S.

It's been some time, I know this is coming late ! I feel I want you all to know how much Robert has helped me , and my family !! His gifts are superior, and his professionalism is unwavering . I am gifted myself, there comes a time we all need a little help. I had very bad entities in my home , of the worst kind ! I was about to move and we were in a really bad way. I knew getting rid of this entity would require more then myself. It / they were already affecting us ! I also knew it could , and would try to attach to myself or my family. This requires someone who really knows what they are doing. I got Robert's help, it took a lot time, and work and no it was not an easy task. Yes, he can do it remotely, yes he got rid of everything , and double checked on us. 
I have also got some outstanding readings from Robert, as I only rarely do this, some did pertain to the issue above, some didn't. I will only use the best. 
If you ever need help in such a way, don't think twice about getting Robert's help. It will be life changing. All good at the new house ! Loving it !!! 
Thank you Robert, I will be forever grateful. -Dee S.

I went in search of some help. I was feeling quite depressed and anxious for answers. There were different things happening that only myself and my oldest son were experiencing that the rest of family didn’t experienced. We would see black figures at the corner of our eyes. We would hear my loose floor board in my room creek as if some one was walking. My son would experience headaches and stomach aches constantly. My son more than myself would hear talking. There was so much negativity in the house. I knew I needed to do something when my son was in the bathroom and heard a young child say “hey”. My house was built in 1995 and knew a child never passed in my house. I went to a new fb group I was in to get answers and as soon as my post was approved the admin said that I have a portal and she referred me to an expert Robert Quinn. I reached out to him to see what he could feel. He asked me some questions I gave him some pic of my house and he also saw a portal. There were two negative spirits in my house. He explained everything that was going on in my house. He explained how My son and myself are sensitive to spirits but we are shut off to them. I already knew this to be true. I gave him permission to clear my house. He was so amazing through the process. He was so professional and kept me informed through the whole process. I was in the middle of making dinner and just felt peace.. as this feel came to me I received a message from Robert that the portal was closed and the negative energies are gone. There were good spirits of family and friends that have been here protecting us, who can Rest In Peace now. I honestly believe I was led to this amazing and very gifted man who I am beyond grateful to. Thank you Robert Quinn for helping my family. -Laurie G.P.

Robert is a highly professional, timely, concise, hardworking and quality reader. I have always utilized my inner knowing to guide me through life. Robert further assisted me by providing tremendous clarity and discernments to certain decisions and events which had me thinking back and forth for awhile. I am truly grateful to be able to receive a paid reading session from him and my heart is full. Many blessings to him, family and business. Namaste. -Natasha S.

Very generous and quite helpful gave me a reading that was needed and my soul a review it was looking for. -Rachel R. K.

 Robert is a wonderful and generous person who I was drawn to because I needed his assistance and did not quite know how much yet. He confirmed that the energies/spirits I was tapping into in my home were indeed real and helped me to clear my house making it safe for my children again as well as easing my mental state! He is a genuine person and medium empath. I truly recommend anyone reaching out to him for his kindness and services. Thank you over and over again Robert. - Lisa P. 

Just over a week ago. I sought guidance with some issues that had been going on for many years but were now affecting my grown children's lives in some very drastic ways. Robert saw an issue that went way back into my childhood and we thought we had long cleared out. Only a psychic could have known that information. Robert did this for me and my family and since then all 4 of my children's problems have smoothed out dramatically. We are all also feeling more inner peace and confident in the direction of our lives. It really was just on time especially for one of my kids. Thank you so much for your help.- Bronwen T.

He's the real deal! His readings are so insightful and honest. I would highly recommended Robert if you are considering a reading. - Cynthia O.

He is really gifted. Robert took his time and wrote to me about what he sensed, and he was accurate about me and whose guiding me. I definitely look forward to speaking with him again. Awesome work! - Shay B.

I was referred to Robert Quinn through a mutual acquaintance. I was dealing with an issue that was very negative in nature. I found Robert to be astonishing in his knowledge and abilities. His demeanor is easy going in nature, to the point and educated in how to improve the issue expeditiously. Should you need services of this nature I highly recommend Quintessence Medium Services. -Boo S.

Robert helped me with a situation in my home and with myself, he worked through the early hours to relieve me of something attached. I send blessing to him because I finally feel I've made headway after years of not knowing what to do. -Jenna A.

I received a reading from Robert and he is very accurate, gave me chills to see how on point he is thank you Robert. - Erika G.

I cant put into words the gratitude I have for the amazing things Robert did for my family and myself. There was a demonic entity attached to someone in my home that was starting to harm my young children. I knew something was very, very wrong and my family was getting sick from this and I couldn't protect them on my own anymore from whatever this was invading our home. Robert spent hours working with me and identified, located, and removed this spirit. I felt it as it was in the process of leaving and it about knocked me out . He told me what to do and shared so much about how and where this came from and what to do now. His patience and kindness was amazing and I'm still speechless as to what all just happened. I prayed God protect us. ..he did. He sent us Robert. Thank you Robert. I'll sleep peacefully tonight.

-Nikki D.

Thank you Quinn for your reading...you were very helpful and on point. -Annessa S.

What a beautiful soul. He was dead on with everything he told me. It was like he actually knew me on a personal level. His words have definitely helped me better understand who I am and what I am going through. Thank you so very much!

-Kasey H.

A few weeks ago, I asked for Robert's help because a lot of strange things were happening in my home and the overall atmosphere and energy were totally negative and stressful. Apparently the spirit/energy of an old man (possibly former owner of the house) was to blame. Robert was able to make him move on and since doing so, things in our home have been so peaceful. Our family is happier and functioning much better now. There are no noises, moved objects, or negative energy. I can't believe the change we've seen in the last few weeks. Thank you so much for your help!! I am so grateful and will absolutely use your services in the future.

- Amanda M. S.

Amazing! Just did a reading for me, gave me some clarity and great advice. I really needed to hear the things he said to me. Very kind of him to use his time to help people. Thank you so much!! - Shaleena M.

Robert not only has a beautiful way with words but a very kind nature and beautifully delivers you reading to you in a way that resonates...he accurately gave me information of which I knew was 100% correct bit he also came up with a past life which was amazing as I already knew of several that I had lived so to find another was the Icing on the cake. Thank you Robert. -Jenna B

Thank u so much for the reading...ur were 100% right with everything I been going through...again thank for your reading and time. -Brittany N.

Good Morning. I've been meaning to write you back. The day after you cleared her (client's) space I visited her. I asked her if the pet (spirit) was around, she said, "not in t he house, but it's outside.." it just faded away basically. And it's all gone now. Thank you very much. She also picked out her black obsidian (Robert's instructions) and is not afraid at this time. -Tammy G.B.

I had my first reading from Robert yesterday. He is truly gifted. Yes, mad props to Robert Quinn. -Maya R. S.

Thank you Robert, that was quite a reading!! I'll be saving this. I am very grateful. I am interested in my last soul and that I was something of a mage in my past last. I LOVE the cold. Thank you Robert Quinn, I feel like we are extended family.

- Christina J.

Robert is so insightful. He is the real deal. He is one who has given me the time and support and wisdom to get me out of my own way...and miracles are happening!!

- Jen F.

Robert Quinn I am kind of at a loss for words because it resonates so strongly with me and what is going on in my life. -Erin J. R.

I will definitely try those suggestions. Thank you Robert Quinn. -Renee H.

Awesome sauce Robert! Mind blown again. Anyone who hasn't had a chance I recommend for next week. You will not be disappointed.- Kim H.

Thank you again Robert. This is most accurate. -Katherine R.

Awesome, he's so on point w/my reading, I honestly recommend you check this wonderful being out. If I have to sum it up, the experience up in one word, amazing! P.s. he's a gr8 person all around. No, thanks again and you were awesome. Thanks again. - Kristin T.S.

Every since the full moon, my son and I haven’t been able to sleep. Add body aches and the house staying cold no matter what I set the thermostat to, I felt something was off. I was referred to this awesome service and I’m so glad I reached out to Robert! He got started quickly since my son had gotten sick and found an open portal in his closet. My son and I both fell fast asleep while he was working and woke up refreshed and relaxed. We all have been resting peacefully since Thursday night. I thank God for connecting us​.-Ashley D.


Instantly connected with what my heart wanted to know. I did not have to ask or pull information at all, he just knew it already! Major recommendation, I’ll be back!

-Jenn B.

I've been struggling with many different areas of my life/self recently. My Father left by suicide last month. Robert was spot on with his details and I felt instant relief even before my reading was over!! I would highly recommend Robert and his services.

-Kara W.L.

Amazing! Exactly what I needed to hear. He answered my questions without me even asking them!! Very pleased with my experience. -Nora M.F.